Vehicle Tactics

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During this course we shoot through, in and around a vehicle. Preferred tactics, techniques and procedures are discussed and implemented. One to four man maneuvering.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Vehicle ballistics – penetration at various angles and surfaces
  2. Cover v. Concealment
  3. Taking contact –Left, Right, Front, Rear – tactics, techniques and procedures.
  4. Engaging threats from within a vehicle.
  5. Engaging outside and around vehicles
  6. Leap frog movements, bounding, moving to cover
  7. Dismounting under duress

 * Pre-requisites - Rifle 300 and Pistol 300, or Primary/Secondary MK-1

    Contact from a vehicle, engaging threats from a vehicle, breaking contact, returning to a vehicle. One to four man team tactics, leap frog movements, moving to cover, or an objective. Tactics for engaging in and around vehicles. Single shooter, two to four man teams.

    This course expands upon previously established foundations of marksmanship, firearms safety and weapon manipulation skills.

    In this course we prepare the client for a real world threats at various distances while implementing effective tactics, techniques and procedures. Shooters are exposed to escalation of force strategies, combatives, and carefully selected drills to form a cohesive training day.

    Gear List:

    • No compensators on the rifles (This is a safety issue. Other shooters on the line will hear and feel the muzzle blast. As a result they may have problems hearing commands, problems seeing (due to muzzle blast), headaches and mild concussion. We may have a couple of extra flash suppressors if needed. Ask. 
    • 300 rounds Rifle / 300 Pistol ammunition
    • Concealed carry gun, or pistol on duty belt, war belt.  
    • Three pistol magazines 
    • Pistol Holster  
    • Magazine pouch
    • 4 rifle magazines
    • Rhodesian vest, plate carrier (method of carrying 3 spare rifle mags)
    • Hearing protection / Eye protection
    • Weather appropriate clothing + hat (recommended)
    • Water / Lunch / Snacks

    Private groups available
    Contact for More Information
    Phone: (503) 740-3099

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