Pistol 200

Pistol 200

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This course is intended for those carrying an issued, or duty weapon, such as, military, or police. It's also perfect for government contractors and those in the security industry. A full sized pistol carried on a duty belt or war belt is preferred.

Regardless of branch of service, US Special Operations forces undergo a similar training regimen. There is a specific process for creating the most capable warriors in the world. Red Frog training courses mimic that process.

Expanding upon the foundation laid in Pistol 100, we assume shooters firmly grasp the fundamentals, enabling us to shoot more and talk less. Increased round count, shooting times, positions, standards and advanced concepts. Shooting & moving principals and positions as they apply to vehicle tactics, use of cover, barricades and CQB/CQC (Close Quarter Battle/Close Quarter Combat). 

Caution: participants should be physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time.  A certain amount of athleticism expected.

*Prior formal training required. Verified prerequisites - Pistol 100 or equivalent. 

Gear List:

  • Appropriate belt for holster to fit snug so you can draw
  • 3 magazines (holder can hold 2 and one can be loose)
  • Loose bullet pocket or pouch
  • Ability to carry extra magazines – on a chest rig, or belt with pistol mag pouches attached.
  • Ammunition – 300 rounds of quality ammunition.
  • Clothing – Weather appropriate, ball cap recommended, sunscreen, raingear, jacket as appropriate for the weather forecast, long sleeves to cover up from the sun (recommended when hot).
  • Eye Protection – sunglasses (minimum), and/or shooting specific eye protection.  When shooting steel - eye protection required at all times.
  • Hearing Protection – muffs, foam ear plugs, or similar 
  • Tactical gloves – (optional, but nice to have for some drills)
  • No open toe shoes
  • Water – camelback, canteen, or water bottle
  • Food- snacks, at shooters discretion. Normally, one hour is allotted for lunch.

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Private groups available.

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