Pistol 100

Pistol 100

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This course is orientated towards military and police, or those who choose to carry on a duty belt or battle belt. It's also perfect for government contractors and those in the security industry.  

Regardless of branch of service, US Special Operations forces undergo a similar training regimen. There is a specific process for creating the most capable warriors in the world. Red Frog training courses mimic that process.

Caution: participants should be physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time.  A certain amount of athleticism expected.

Learning Objectives:

  • Shooter Stance is two things, the manner in which the feet are positioned and the manner in which the arms are extended. Two triangles. Our stance is applicable when you leave the training range and is the same stance utilized during dynamic ranges, CQB/CQC, concealed carry, and combatives. Performing as a tactical athlete begins with proper balance and stance.
  • Grip – "The grip you have coming out of the holster is the grip you're going to war with."  We teach how to obtain a great grip coming out of the holster. Grip is more than improving accuracy and controlling recoil. Our grip is also essential to the advanced combatives concepts we teach in our follow-on courses.
  • Sight Picture – Begins with both eyes open. An Isosceles shooting stance is ideal for shooting with both eyes open and situational awareness.
  • Trigger control – Referred to here as trigger press. Finger moves straight back. A nice smooth press is all that's required, easy day.
  • Gun safety – Clearing procedures and safety procedures essential to working in and out of a holster. Sweeping/ Flagging, and an actual understanding of the four fundamental safety rules.
  • Malfunction Procedures – we teach a process unique to Red Frog. As with everything taught here, the procedures are derived from combat experience. A  simple and specific process that quite simply, works.  

    Gear List:

    • Appropriate belt for holster to fit snug so you can draw
    • 3 magazines (holder can hold 2 and one can be loose)
    • Ability to carry extra magazines – on a chest rig, or belt with pistol mag pouches attached.
    • Ammunition – 500 rounds of quality ammunition.
    • Clothing – Weather appropriate. Sunscreen, raingear, jacket, long sleeves to cover up from the sun (when hot).
    • Ball cap (recommended)  
    • Eye Protection – sunglasses (minimum)
    • Hearing Protection – muffs, foam ear plugs, or similar
    • No open toe shoes
    • Water – camelback, canteen, or water bottle.

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