Pistol 100 [5 Hour Course]

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This course is orientated towards military and police, or those who choose to carry on a duty belt or war belt. It's also perfect for government contractors and those in the security industry.  An ability to fight at night is emphasized in all of our courses, a handgun with an attached light is appropriate.

Regardless of branch of service, US Special Operations forces undergo a similar training regimen. There is a specific process for creating the most capable warriors in the world. Red Frog training courses mimic that process.

Caution: participants should be physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time.  A certain amount of athleticism expected.

Learning Objectives:

  • Speed – smooth is fast, rapidly drawing and engaging
  • Accuracy – multiple targets, multiple hits on each
  • Stance/ Balance – balance is essential to every sport. We apply martial arts and sports science training methodologies.
  • Safety – safely employing the pistol rapidly. Weapon manipulation techniques around cover and throughout numerous positions.
  • Pistol positions
  • Grip – techniques for controlling recoil during rapid fire and obtaining a vice-like grip.
  • Shooting & Moving - theory and practical application
  • Situational awareness
  • Tested - Speed, Accuracy and Points of Performance

Gear List:

  • Appropriate belt for holster to fit snug so you can draw
  • 3 magazines (holder can hold 2 and one can be loose)
  • Loose bullet pocket or pouch
  • Ability to carry extra magazines – on a chest rig, or belt with pistol mag pouches attached.
  • Ammunition – 300 rounds of quality ammunition.
  • Clothing – Weather appropriate, ball cap recommended, sunscreen, raingear, jacket as appropriate for the weather forecast, long sleeves to cover up from the sun (recommended when hot).
  • Eye Protection – sunglasses (minimum), and/or shooting specific eye protection.  When shooting steel - eye protection required at all times.
  • Hearing Protection – muffs, foam ear plugs, or similar 
  • Tactical gloves – (optional, but nice to have for some drills)
  • No open toe shoes
  • Water – camelback, canteen, or water bottle
  • Food- snacks, at shooters discretion. Normally, one hour is allotted for lunch.

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    Private groups available.
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