SRO Basic SWAT School - [5 day course]

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The premise behind this course is having officers with training similar to SWAT officers onsite, ready to respond. This is for School Resource Officers at a school when an Active Shooter incident or terrorist attack begins. This 5 day, 40 hour course can be thought of as a basic SWAT school specifically for the School Resource Officer.

The importance of having a specifically trained SRO already onsite when an attack occurs cannot be understated.

We'll provide the training that gives officers the confidence and ability to effectively respond. We believe the SRO should have specialized training, gear and equipment, just like SWAT officers.

Our training curriculum is designed from actual experience, not theory. We test under the pressure of scenario based training using non-lethal training munitions. This is how US Special Operations Forces train to win the fight and this is the most realistic training available.

Throughout the duration of our 5 day course, our objective is to create highly proficient operators, capable and confident.

Schedule Outline:
Day 1 –  Live Fire Rifle
Day 2 – Live Fire Pistol
Day 3 – Rifle and Pistol, Primary/Secondary
Day 4 -  1 man CQB clearing and Force-on-Force Training
Day 5 – 1 man CQB clearing, Force-on-Force and Scenario Based Training

Gear list:

  • UTM or Simunition training Rifle
  • UTM or Simunition training pistol
  • 600 - non-lethal training rounds (Rifle)
  • 200 – non-lethal training rounds (Pistol)
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Simunition/ UTM (facemask, neck protector, groin protector, gloves, clothing)
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection

 Live Ammunition:

  • 1000 Rifle rounds
  • 750 Pistol rounds

*Department supplied Simunition, or UTM non-lethal training weapons and ammunition.

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Course is available nationally - Cost may vary.

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Phone: (503) 740-3099

SRO & Active Shooter Response Training from Red Frog on Vimeo.