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Red Frog has produced two snowboards, an all mountain board and a freestyle board. People who are serious about their snowboarding will often have two boards.

These high quality snowboards are 100% made in America and created for patriots! The top of the board features a Navy SEAL sniper taking aim.


All Mountain boards are designed for the conditions most boarder's expect to encounter on the slopes.

Hybrid (Type A) The hybrid camber features rocker between the feet and camber under the feet. Many snowboard companies use this profile under various names, including Burton’s Flying V, Lib Tech’s C2 Banana, and many others. The benefit of this profile is versatility; it provides ‘looseness’ due to rocker between the feet and float in powder for the same reason. While camber under the feet gives edge hold and some degree of stability and pop, however not as much a full cambered board. Generally, this profile feels more like a rocker than camber.

Camber Profiles Explained:

It’s important to understand there is no best camber profile. Each different profile provides various advantages, disadvantages, and riding characteristics. It really depends on the riding conditions and your particular riding style as to what suits you best. Maybe you’re after stability and carving performance, maybe you want a loose park board for learning new tricks, maybe you want a versatile ride - there’s countless options. 


Camber is the most tried and tested camber profile. Until a few years ago, nearly all boards were camber. Camber provides stability, edging performance, energy, and pop. 

Advantages: Stable at speeds, great for carving, more pop, lots of energy (rebound) out of turns.

Disadvantages: Less forgiving, more ‘catchy’ when compared to other profiles, requires more effort to turn

Full length Poplar Wood Core,  No Finger joints,  10 pack Inserts, Centered.


This Free Style board is designed for those who like to cut a new trail down the mountain. It's not quite as rigid as the All Mountain board, so the Freestyle works well in deep snow, soft snow, and powder. 

Red Frog doesn't sell hundreds of products, just a few great things we personally use and endorse. 

Delivery for your new snowboard is 3-6 weeks.