Night Vision and Laser Devices [16 Hour Course]

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Designed with law enforcement and government contractor mission profiles in mind.

Classroom – 3 hours

Outdoor training ranges: after sunset, in 3 hour increments, over 4 days.

Indoor training ranges: over two days, with two 6 hour blocks of training. 

Optional: Intro to movement with night vision devices, CQB/CQC, urban/rural environments. 1 hour

Live Fire training – 13 Hours of carefully selected shooting drills to create an even foundation of skill-sets with no gaps.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Safe use of laser devices – (classroom 1.5 hour) information derived from the Laser Range Safety Officer course and engineers at the Naval Special Warfare Weapons Division, Crane.
  2. Night Fighting Equipment – (classroom 1.5 hour) mounting locations and techniques for employing weapon attached laser devices, illumination, red dot sights, and night vision compatible optics.
  3. Setting up gear and equipment – (classroom 1 hour) rifle, pistol, helmet, night vision mounts, pressure switches, illumination.
  4. Understanding the tactical advantages available through the use of night vision devices and modern equipment.
  5. Rifle operation under NVD’s – live fire series of rifle drills
  6. Pistol operation under NVD’s – live fire series of rifle drills
  7. Proficiently operate at night while coping with the limitations of night vision, such as, depth perception issues.
  8. Gear and equipment manipulation, techniques, tips and procedures for operating in complete darkness.
  9. Target discrimination, transition drills, magazine changes, malfunction drills, and shooting on the move.
  10. Movement – systematically designed training to introduce shooters to the use of night vision while performing CQB/ CQC.
  11. Short Patrol Movement – negotiate terrain while searching for an active threat in rural, vegetated, or wooded terrain.

*Ammunition and gear requirement may vary based upon your unit training requirements. This course is accordingly adjusted to the training environment and number of training hours.

Prior-Formal-Training required
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