Night Vision Operator

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Summary - This course is primarily about learning how to engage with the use night vision. There will be some work using white lights. A Red Dot optic and/or laser will be required, in addition to a mounted white light on both the rifle and pistol. We will be running a variety of rifle and pistol drills on cardboard and steel targets.

 2 hours Classroom - laser operation and safety brief. Ballistics and getting sighted-in. Equipment fitted properly and balanced. 

 3 Hours Live Fire in low light/ no light conditions using night vision, laser devices, optics and mounted white light.

Rifle Setup - White light mounted, Red Dot optic and/or laser. IR Light (desirable)

Pistol Setup - White light mounted, Red Dot optic and/or laser.

• Shooting/ Engaging with both rifle and pistol. • Shooting/ Engaging with the use of mounted white light on the Rifle and Pistol. • Shooting/ Engaging with the Rifle and Pistol and aide of night vision. • No transition drills between rifle and pistol. 

Gear list:

Ammunition: 300 Rifle / 200 Pistol

• Helmet with night vision mount
• Night vision google or monocular
• Red dot sight on rifle and pistol preferred
• Laser device on rifle recommended
• White light head lamp
• Rifle and Pistol Light recommended
• IR rifle light recommended
• Clear safety glasses
• Counter weight for helmet
• Helmet fitted properly with pads prior to arrival
• Have red dot sights sighted in prior to arrival

*Bring some food, snacks, water, drinks for transitional period between classroom and live-fire. 


Typically, clients will have attended two Red Frog Rifle Courses and two Red Frog Pistol Courses prior to running at night with Night Vision. This allows us to confirm that firmly established fundamental shooting skills and safety protocols are in place.

Please contact us with your questions or to confirm your experience level. 

Check out our FAQs for more information.

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