Introduction to the AR15 Rifle -

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This course is for the new shooter and includes approximately 30 minutes of classroom, followed by 3 hours of live-fire training. We'll get started by field stripping the gun, going over major nomenclature, features and functions, followed by reassembly of the weapon. 

If you have another type of rifle, or pistol caliber carbine, you may bring that to this course. However, we will only go over the break down and assembly of the AR-15 platform.  Contact us via email or online chat if you have a question.


Learning objectives:

  • How the AR15 rifle functions
  • Features, controls and preferred methods of operation
  • How to break the rifle down and reassemble
  • Confirm sight-in (with optic or iron sights) 
  • Rifle safe handling and employment techniques
  • Numerous shooting positions essential to combat marksmanship

 Read the owners manual prior to arriving. Know how to adjust your sights prior to arrival and bring any required tools that may be necessary to adjust the sights. 

      Your rifle should be in good working order. A consistently malfunctioning gun is defined as 5 malfunctions. If your rifle has 5 malfunctions you may change it out for a spare rifle, or attempt to fix it once. If that rifle has 5 malfunctions, please come back another day.

    Buy quality ammunition. Reloads are not approved due to the increased safety concerns.

    Because, we have steel targets no military green-tip ammunition is allowed. As a general rule of thumb, steel case ammunition also has a steel core bullet. Tulammo is an example, please don't bring this or any other steel core ammunition.  

    Intro to AR15 Gear List:

    • 300 rounds of ammunition
    • 3 magazines minimum (30 round capacity)
    • Lubrication oil • Gloves (optional)
    • Knee pads (optional and recommended)
    • Eye protection
    • Hearing protection
    • Water (bring more than you think you’ll need)
    • Weather appropriate clothing
    • Sunscreen or rain gear
    • Sling for the rifle (single point or dual point) 


    Magazine load out - arrive with two empty magazines.  If you have numerous magazines, please load them prior to arrival.

    No muzzle breaks (due to safety concerns) - Muzzle breaks divert gas left and right of the shooter. This is not a problem when the shooter is alone on the line. It becomes a problem when the shooter is participating in a training event in which, multiple shooters are on the line next to each other. 

    We have a standard flash hider you may borrow for the course, to replace your muzzle break.

    Check out our FAQs for more information. 

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    Private Groups Available
    *Women are welcome
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