Introduction into Concealed Carry

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CALL first, so we can place you in group based on skill level and gear. 

Courses run between 2-3 hours.

Small groups scheduling now.   contact us with your group size and skill level.  CHL not required to take the class.  
*If you are in need of your CHL let us know! 

Our team will answer all the questions you have to get started as a beginner in tactical training.  The focus of this class is how to safety draw from a holster for concealed carry, duty carry or home defense. 

This course is aimed at developing the necessary skills to safely and effectively draw a loaded handgun from a position of concealment. A concealed carry holster is not required for this course, however a holster, even outside the waistband in good condition is required.

Gear and or gun (Glock43X)for training available, if you do not have your own.  CALL AHEAD * Extra charge may apply

We'd like to encourage you to purchase a holster and a handgun, after this course, that inspires confidence. This course is also ideal for civilians, government contractors, or military personnel required to carry over seas. Here, a foundation is established that allows our clients to continue through our challenging follow-on courses.  

This is NOT the PERMIT class.  

This course might be of interest for a beginner or NEWER shooters who may have fired 100 rounds  and have basic handgun knowledge. 

Drawing from a holster is an important part of training.  Becoming proficient will build your confidence for responding to an active threat . We teach hands on first steps with a firearm in this course.  

Here, clients learn crucial safety aspects of working in and out of the holster. You can expect that your speed, accuracy and confidence will increase dramatically.  

Learning Objectives:

• Shooter Stance 

• Grip 

• Sight Picture 

• Trigger control 

• Malfunction Procedures  

 • Gun safety – Clearing procedures and safety standard operating procedures essential to working in and out of a holster. Sweeping/ Flagging, and other essential information. 

As with all courses at Red Frog, an evaluation is conducted before the course concludes. The evaluation allows our clients to demonstrate they can perform the stated learning objectives. Easy.  

Course Duration -  2-3 hours depending on skill level.  

GEAR LIST- OR may use training tools provided if you have not purchased a gun.

  • AMMO 100+ rounds CALL to confirm
  • Handgun selection. 
  • Holster 
  • Two magazines (aka: clips) 
  • Magazine pouch 
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing 
  • Water - if it's a hot day bring two quarts. If it's cold bring one.
  • Ball cap (recommended)
  • Case or backpack for handgun. 

Check out our FAQs for more information.

Phone: (503) 740-3099

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