Active Threat 100

Active Threat 100

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This course is concealed carry orientated and most drills are from concealment. In this course we prepare the client to encounter real world threats at various distances and situations. This is a great course for home defense, and concealed carry.

We encourage you to carry the way you actually intend to carry in public. If you carry in your purse, or a briefcase, bring it. This is an opportunity to learn how to safely employ your concealed handgun in a training environment.

What is an Active Threat?

When the call goes out over a police radio alerting to an active shooter, everybody understands there is a man with a gun in a public place actively engaged in shooting people.

Red frog needed a term outside of the police community to describe threats that may be encountered by civilians during the course of our everyday lives. The shooting drills practiced during this course are designed and selected to prepare you for the variety of threats that might be encountered in public, or at home.  A license to carry a concealed handgun does nothing to prepare a person to actually carry. It merely authorizes a person to carry. A responsible person will seek qualified training. Drawing from concealment is more dangerous than drawing from an exposed holster. Sign up to attend training on a regular basis to maintain your shooting accuracy and proficiency. These skill-sets are perishable, maintain your shooting skill-sets so you’re always ready.  Accidents happened when shooters haven’t practiced the specific type of training that is demanded.

Caution: participants should be physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time.  A certain amount of athleticism expected.


Learning Objectives:

  • Draw technique – best methods for drawing from concealment (safely)
  • Speed – techniques for rapid engagement
  • Accuracy – multiple targets, multiple hits on each
  • Stance/ Balance – balance is essential to every sport. We apply martial arts and sports science training methodologies.
  • Grip – techniques for controlling recoil during rapid fire and obtaining a vice-like grip.
  • Shooting & Moving - theory and practical application
  • Situational awareness
  • Tested - Speed, Accuracy and Points of Performance

Gear List:

  • 350 rounds of ammunition
  • Concealed carry handgun  
  • Holster - concealed carry holster 
  • Three magazines
  • Magazine pouch/ carrier (holds one or two extra magazines)
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Water
  • Cover shirt – or jacket
  • Ball cap (recommended)

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