Active Threat Preparedness

School Safety Training

Red Frog Security Consulting

Our Threat Action Plan (TAP) for schools works in conjunction with OSHA's federally mandated Emergency Action Plan. Active threat preparedness fills in the gaps and bolsters the plan that you currently have in place.  Active threat planning takes into account strategies, data, and planning resources from DHS, FBI, DoS, and the CIA. We've filtered the information and combined it with an unparalleled training experience.

A Red Frog security assessment includes topics such as crisis leadership management, receiving crisis information and communicating the information that will save lives and improve the response time. We conduct training for school staff, faculty and other available personnel. Red Frog is a firm believer that firearms in schools belong in the hands of highly trained professionals, we offer training in the use of selected non-lethal weapons. The non-lethal weapons we've selected are combined with our training and tactics, the result is a strong defense that saves lives.  

Our goal is to transition your school, facility or campus from a Soft Target to a Hard Target, which is a paradigm shift in the way security has been previously approached.