Red Frog Women



Our mission is to build confidence and empowerment via education and social engagement. 

Our goal is to have you become safe with your firearm, and proficient via tactical training. 

Join the party and celebration of 2A with us, I'll be your host Shannon Monihan. 

Celebrate with us and we'll see YOU online and or in person on the range!

Spirit, camaraderie and via social engagement and tactical training

Find and cultivate the inner strength in you!

Welcome to our world,




Red Frog Women Testimonials

"My husband and I enjoy shooting together but I wanted to learn the AR first in a women centric environment. I feel much more confident having learned in a nurturing space first. Shannon's passion for Rifle is contagious." 

- Tiffany X.

Registered Nurse, BSN

"Guns scare the hell out of me! Shannon's insight and Red Frog Women's educational support program has opened my mind to taking on tactical training. I would never have even considered it prior to getting involved with Red Frog."

- Erica E.


"I was shaking and nervous when I arrived for my first class. By the end of class I was moving and shooting protecting my husband."

- Mary H.

ER Nurse

"I now carry with confidence. The tactics and fundamentals I learned in the Red Frog Active Threat series changed my game. Learning with Shannon and the women makes the experience light and fun."

- Lindsay B.

Registered Nurse

"This is a smart and effective team that will guide you on your tactical training journey. Having females to communicate with is comforting." 

- Morgan M.

Builder | CEO

"I know what it's like to be in a vulnerable situation. Thanks to my training that will no longer be the case. Shannon and the team made everything easy."

- Anna C.


"Our Red Frog Women's breakfast prior to class might have been even more fun that the class. Humor is abundant in Red Frog Women which is amazing at calming the nerves when your a new shooter"

- Kimberly H.


"I work with children at daycare, and Red Frogs Security Assessment information for active shooter response planning helped our team formulate a non lethal defense weapon plan."

- Anita J.


"I have always been a confident gun owner, Red Frog's elite training challenged me at my intermediate level and gave me the confidence to jump into the 200/300 level courses."

- Renee 


"Red Frog's Active Threat series was the challenge I needed to take my skill to the next level and get me out of that beginner comfort zone."

- Stephanie M.


"Its important to me to be able to protect my children while being comfortable and safe with my firearm. Shannon and her team did just that"

- Carrisa H.

Teacher & Mother of Five

"My husband and I both have taken Red Frog courses. I'm in my comfort zone in the Intro to Concealed Carry and he has worked his way up through the advanced 300 level. They have something for every skill level."

- Sara T.



Red Frog Women.  Leading by example.

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