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Our membership and brand represents the patriotic camaraderie we as Americans share for this great country of ours.

Join our network of friends and family.

WELCOME Gift for membership includes but limited to:

Red Frog PVC velcro back patch

Red Frog car decal 

Red Frog square weatherproof stickers 

NEW Ranger Rag-Combat medic natural cotton strips

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With a culture, kind in spirit.  Red Frog brings people together who share a passion for educating and empowering those who support 2A via social engagement and tactical training,

Founder and CEO of Red Frog GS Inc.



  • "Just finished the Intro To Pistol class and the quality of instruction was outstanding, just a safe and positive experience overall.  I will definitely be returning for more training and will be recommending Red Frog to anyone looking for training." - Aaron D.

  • "This team is a thrill to be around.  Very knowledgeable, down to earth, and fun to be around.  I took my first class a couple of days ago and will definitely be back." - Kelly M.

  • "Awesome class.  I took the Active threat class this weekend and it was great!  Lots of fun and informative instruction.  I plan to eventually run through all of their classes." - Josh B.

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