Camaraderie and social engagement for those who enjoy celebrating the 2nd amendment via tactical training on the range. Tactical training, gear and apparel.

LIVE FIRE COURSES are booked as custom private group only, at this time. Min. 10 students

Open enrollment courses will be listed on Newsletter and social media. Follow us on Instagram @red_frog_team or red_frog_women and FB Red Frog Team.

Currently booking LEO, Military and Security professionals FALL 2021 and Winter 2022

LEO and Military custom multi day Firearms and Defensive Tactics packages available. Min 10 students

These are customized for your department.

Let us know your training needs.

Click on our questions tab and send us your contact information and check the courses of interest, with a detailed message.

Yes and no.

For each class that Red Frog offers, we have a gear list which describes the items you need to bring to your training day. Red Frog reviews specific products and gear from various brands which we think are better equipped for our training courses.

Most Red Frog courses have about six to 12 students for line fire and 24 for classroom. This allows Red Frog's instructors and personnel to give our students the individual attention they need while maintaining the group as a whole.

If you are a CHL instructor in your state.

Contact us today for details on how you can become a part of our TEAM.