Frequently Asked Questions

What is Red Frog?

Red Frog is a tactical firearms training company as well as a gear and apparel brand.

The United States government has spent millions of dollars tactically training elite military special operation forces, Red Frog is taking that knowledge and translating it to civilian and law enforcement application. ​Red Frog teaches everything from beginner to advanced training courses which includes: pistol courses, rifle courses, long range courses, every day concealed carry tactics, combat medic courses, night vision and laser devices, and scenario based training.

How often does Red Frog offer live fire classes?

ALL THE TIME, see our Course Calendar for upcoming classes.

Red Frog is a year round tactical training company that offers live fire training courses three to five times a week here in Oregon. Red Frog also offers live fire training about once a month in other states around the country. If you would like to know when Red Frog Instructors are coming to your state to conduct live fire training or if you would like to setup the training for your state, send Shannon Monihan an email at or give her a call at (503) 740-3099 for more information.

Does Red Frog train women?


Red Frog’s Owner and CEO, Shannon Monihan, started Red Frog Women to help ease women into the tactical training world. Check out the Red Frog Women blog for more information about how to get started with Red Frog training.

Does Red Frog suggest customers bring specific products or gear for each tactical training course?

Yes and no, is the short answer.

For each class that Red Frog offers, we have a gear list which describes the items you need to bring to your training day. Red Frog reviews specific products and gear from various brands which we think are better equipped for our training courses. Checkout our blog to see what gear we recommend for your training day.

How many students might be in a Red Frog course at one time?

Most Red Frog courses have about six to 10 students. This allows Red Frog’s instructors who are former elite Special Operation Forces personnel, to give our students the individual attention they need while maintaining the group as a whole.

I am a CHL certified instructor in my state, how can Red Frog help me?

Red Frog has a CHL business directory where we can place your information to help expose you to our Red Frog customers. Email for more information on how to get your business information listed on Red Frog’s website.

How can i join the Red Frog team?

Anyone can join the Red Frog Team! Subscribe to our email blast for monthly updates, or follow us on Social Media!

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