LEO Vehicle Tactics

LEO Vehicle Tactics

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A vehicle provides a limited amount of cover, having a plan could mean the difference between life and death. We teach one to four person small unit tactics as they apply to gun fighting in and around vehicles.

Gun fights in and around vehicles are most often the result of being time and place predictable. These are the essential elements of an ambush.

In this course we discuss various case studies involving vehicle ambush situations and the lessons learned from each. Response to an ambush must happen immediately, and with violence of action. Implementing an effective counter ambush requires an understanding of maneuvering, bounding, in addition to an ability to shoot, move and communicate.

We believe there is an ever present terrorist threat and criminal elements are better trained and armed than ever before.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Rifle and Pistol employment from within and around a vehicle
  2. Cases studies, tactics and theory – (classroom, 1 hour) lessons learning from military and LEO. Vehicle tactics and theory.
  3. Vehicle ballistics – cover v. concealment
  4. Taking contact –Left, Right, Front, Rear – tactics, techniques and procedures. Dry rehearsals followed by live fire
  5. Engaging threats from within a vehicle.
  6. Engaging outside and around vehicles
  7. Leap frog movements, bounding, and moving to cover (2- 4 man).
  8. Dismounting the vehicle under duress
  9. Returning to the vehicle after contact
  10. 10. Vehicle take down concepts



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