Active Shooter Response

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One day, 8 hours of training specifically designed for officers responding to an Active Shooter attack. Rapid response small team tactics, 1 - 4 man clearing techniques and strategies to eliminate the threat. This course is for officers responding from a location outside of the attack location. Emphasizing the importance of individually moving towards the threat with the possibility that officers might have an opportunity to link up with others.

We teach one, two and three man CQB and CQC tactics in addition to unique weapon manipulation techniques utilized by SOF operators. Force-on-Force training with UTM or Simunition non-lethal training weapons and Scenario Based Training methods implemented. 

*One or more municipalities often combine resources and personnel to attend this course. This course is ideally suited for officers working locations where resources are minimal and there is a strong possibility of responding solo.

• Scenario Based Training
• One, Two and Three man tactics that apply to active shooter response.
• Force-on-Force training using Simunition, UTM, or similar non-lethal training weapons. [Department Provided]
• Command & Control – Eliminate the Threat, Secure the Scene, EMS considerations, Planning & Comprehensive Tactics
• Blue on Blue – de-confliction
• EMS Plan – working with medical response during a crisis

SRO & Active Shooter Response Training from Red Frog on Vimeo.