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Imagine for a moment you’re the teacher of a class when suddenly you hear gunfire from the hallway outside your classroom. An alarm sounds, and it’s obvious this is no drill. The sound of gunfire is loud and the hair stands up on the back of your neck as students begin screaming. As a teacher you have a license to carry and have a concealed handgun in your briefcase.  As you move to retrieve your handgun from the briefcase you direct someone to secure the door.  As the student is moving to comply the door it opens and a student from outside the room dashes in seeking cover.  The door...

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For those of you who have taken a Red Frog course it's likely you've heard me talk about how to move out rapidly with a rifle or pistol. Guns Up is the position, and I'm going to be blunt, anything else is just plain stupid. There is a better way. It seems everyone wants an insider tip on how to perform like a SEAL, here's a tip, don't run with your pistol tucked into your chest, and don't run with your rifle as if it's a football. Don't run with your rifle pointed into the dirt, if you take a...

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