Security Solutions For Schools

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Security Solutions For Schools

Imagine for a moment you’re the teacher of a class when suddenly you hear gunfire from the hallway outside your classroom. An alarm sounds, and it’s obvious this is no drill. The sound of gunfire is loud and the hair stands up on the back of your neck as students begin screaming. As a teacher you have a license to carry and have a concealed handgun in your briefcase.  As you move to retrieve your handgun from the briefcase you direct someone to secure the door.  As the student is moving to comply the door it opens and a student from outside the room dashes in seeking cover.  The door begins to close and is pushed open again as two more students run seek cover in the room. The door slams to the sound of gun fire and you stand ready with your handgun pointed at the door. Your heart rate dramatically climbs as you experience the effects of stress and adrenaline. Blood vessels constrict and your eyes tighten on the door. Your breathing is heavy, tunnel vision, a little queasy, black and white, the sound is loud, you cock the hammer back and stand ready. The door blasts open and you fire your weapon into the open doorway. Boom, boom, boom, followed by screams from the students. You hear he’s dead, he’s dead. Its surreal, like a dream, you look at the body and look for a weapon, but you don’t see one. It must be under the body. Then suddenly a person with a gun appears in the doorway and fires into the room. Mentally frazzled, you quickly point in the direction of the active shooter and fire the last two rounds from your revolver.

The hypothetical story above outlines only a few of the problems associated with arming teachers. My first thought is that a typical teacher lacks the ability to refrain from shooting the wrong person during moments of extreme stress. I know this, because I’ve trained through it. I know what it is to be in a room with a gun, waiting for someone else with a gun to enter.  I have a phrase, “realistic training produces predictable and desirable results." 

I’m not in favor of defenseless teachers and students.

I’m in favor of teachers using carefully selected non-lethal weapons combined with training and tactics. The same tactics used by Navy SEALs. I’m in favor of elite first responders equipped with the same rifles, optics, body armor and helmets that Navy SEALs and SWAT teams employ when they hit the ground. I’m in favor of providing our elite first responders with the specific skill-sets and training that allows them to have unshakeable confidence to take on the next active shooter or terrorist threat. And, I'm in favor of all of this being virtually invisible and although the security of the school has dramatically changed, outwardly nothing has changed. 

I’m surprised when school resources officers perform their job as expected.

Regarding the school resource officer in Florida and the lack of action, I'm not surprised.  Why? because I know, that in most cases these people lack the training, gear and equipment that would otherwise give them the confidence perform in a predictable and desirable manner.  Navy SEALs are extremely confident due their training. I want to provide that feeling to those protecting our kids.

School Resource Officers are sworn law enforcement officers and fall under the Supreme Court decision from 1981. In Warren v. District of Columbia the Justices make it abundantly clear the police have no duty to protect you, your family, or our children at school. You can also expect in most cases the best officers aren’t being taken off the street to provide security at a school. Many schools have decided to provide a desk for law enforcement officers to work from during the day. However, if the school isn’t that officers first and only priority they may be on a call when an attack occurs.

We could be employing veterans who were former Special Operations soldiers.

The government has already spent thousands, in some cases, millions of dollars training these men. Not reutilizing their talents and training is simply absurd. Private security has the potential to be the best option for our schools, colleges, hotels, and hospitals. As in most things, the private sector gets it done better and cheaper.

The final solution could look something like this, a former Special Operations soldier employed as an elite first responder. He has backpack containing body armor, helmet and rifle. Teachers, that have volunteered to receive training have small quick opening safe containing their active shooter response kit. In this scenario we have defense forces throughout the school who are capable of neutralizing the threat without the possibility of accidentally contributing to more loss of life. Our elite first responder hears the alarm and removes the backpack to get geared up. A few seconds later he's running to the scene to eliminate the threat. This is far from a fantasy scenario, the fact is I've been that guy sprinting towards the gun fire to eliminate the threat. I wish I'd had a helmet, body armor and a rifle. 

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